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When you think about all the time it takes to prepare for an event you realize it is literally never too early to start planning for corporate events both big and small. Our Event planning specialist can help your event / party from start to finish or anywhere in between. What's new about San Jose Event Planning.

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What makes our event planning services different than the others in San Jose. In smith marketing group, our event planners have 20 years of experience. We simply love what we do. Being an Event Planning agency in San Jose, our event planners are commited to your event needs, from start to finish.

Corporate Event

Our event planners also have extensive experience in corporate event planning, as much as thousands of attendees. We have planned conference for Hewlett-Packard, Cisco, Campbell Chamer of Commerce. Our experience with businesses in San Jose will help making your corporate event a success.


What if you threw a party and nobody came? Or worse – they came but they never saw you because you were taking care of all the details. Smith Marketing Group can plan an entire event for you or handle any individual aspect so that your time, talent and energies are better spent. With precision and attention to detail, our event planners will collaborate with you to present an event that is a pleasure for you and your guests.

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Whether it’s the launch of a new product or business, a fundraising event or a holiday fete, smith marketing group will see to it that you and your company are presented in a stellar, dignified, and successful way.

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